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How to use a vertical machining center to process molds?

Mold production is one of the main uses of vertical machining centers. Machining centers are used for mold processing. If you want to achieve higher efficiency and accuracy requirements and better surface quality, you must optimize from all aspects such as machine tool selection, processing plan, program generation, and operator requirements.

Recently, the Shanghai Antis team received a consultation from a rubber product manufacturer in Colombia. The customer needs to manufacture molds with relatively complex structures for the production of rubber products.Customers need to make molds with a maximum weight of about 100kg, a maximum length of 400mm, and a width of 300mm.It also requires Fanuc’s CNC system to be equipped with a disc-type tool magazine.So we recommended the vertical machining center VMC650 to him.VMC650 can fully meet the production needs of customers and is equipped with a disc-type tool magazine, which improves production efficiency.

Technical SPEC| Model Unit VMC650
Table Size(length*width) mm 900*400
Max Loading Weight kg 400
Number-width x distance mm 5-16-75
X/Y/Z Travel mm 650/450/500
CNC system   FANUC
ATC Type / Disk Type
ATC capacity / BT40-16T
Spindle motor power kW 5.5-7.5

If you are also a mold manufacturer, or have similar processing needs, welcome to consult Shangha ANTISHICNC.We have rich experience in manufacturing and processing machining centers, and can provide you with professional technical support.

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