grinding machine



MQ6025A Universal tool grinder

Work surface size (LxW) :

940x135 mm

Max. distance from centers :

700 mm

Multl-Use Grinding Machine 2M9120A

Grinding dia. : 200 mm

Workpiece length max. : 500 mm

Workpiece weight max. : 10 kg

FX27-60 High Precision Traditional Cylindrical Grinder

Bench rotation : 270mm

Spacing between two centers :

600 mm

FX27P-60CNC High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Max grinding dia. : 270mm

distance between two thimble :

600 mm

Straight feed CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine with Truss Manipulator

Max grinding dia. : 270mm

distance between two thimble :

600 mm

FX27P-60CNC Cylindrical Grinder (with robot unit)

Robot lifting capacity : 10 kg

Robot grip max dia. : 60mm

FX32P-100CNC Straight Feed CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Max rotating dia. : 350mm

Center distance : 1060 mm

GP-32 Eccentric Shaft Crankshaft Special-Shaped Long Shaft Grinder

Max rotating dia. : Φ380mm

Max grinding dia. : Φ320mm

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