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CV Series Vertical Metal Band Saw

1. CV Series Vertical Metal Band Saw is suitable for fully automatic sawing of plates, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and flexibility.

Not only can the longitudinal cutting of the plate be completed, but also the 90° rotating cross cutting can be realized. The cutting range can be tailored to your requirements.

2. Automatic vertical/horizontal cutting
The ANTISHI band saw has high sawing efficiency and flexible use. Its robust welded construction combined with shock absorbing cast components not only reduces noise but also ensures precise sawing, whether you are machining parts or strips.

3. Speed and precision
From non-ferrous metals and aluminum, to steel or nickel and titanium alloys, the ANTISHI CV vertical band saw, the combination of strong and durable welded structure and shock-absorbing cast parts, not only ensures the cutting speed of materials with different characteristics, but also fully meets its high Precision sawing requirements. The feed of the saw is controlled by a servo-driven ball screw and a sawing pressure control system, ensuring higher output and longer blade life.

To ensure high-performance sawing equipment, it is necessary to consider the issue of chip handling. ANTISHI CV series band saws provide an efficient and convenient solution for this. Large chip conveying device with built-in coolant collection box, in line with the chip ejection direction, is installed directly under the sawing place to block and separate the generated chips and coolant. For easy cleaning and maintenance, the chip conveyor is fitted with casters and can be easily pulled out of the saw body. The chip cleaning brush is used to remove any chips stuck to the saw blade.

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