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Points for Attention in the Grinding Process of Surface Grinder

Attention points in the grinding process of surface grinders! Everyone knows better about surface grinders, but we still need to pay attention to them during operation!

In fact, the main points of attention of the surface grinder during the grinding process are as follows: First, the table and the workpiece are cleaned, when the grinding operation is carried out. Measure the thickness of the workpiece, put the workpiece, open the electromagnetic chuck to suck the workpiece, and push the position to check whether the workpiece is sucked. Open the hydraulic system, start to adjust the stroke size and position of the workbench, the stroke length of the workbench is controlled by the two stoppers of the workbench, and the movement speed of the surface grinder workbench is adjusted by the throttle valve. Then set the tool, the bottom of the grinding wheel should be higher than the surface of the workpiece before the tool, and gradually feed the tool. When a spark occurs, the coolant is turned on. At this time, the vertical feed hand transmission line scale is the zero position. Then adjust the stroke size and orientation of the worktable and the wheel carriage. The movement speed should be low during adjustment to avoid hammering the cylinder.

The above description is the content of the attention points of the surface grinder during the grinding process. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

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