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Surface grinder maintenance knowledge

How to maintain the surface grinder? I believe many people have this question. For many people, they only know how to use a surface grinder, but they don’t know how to maintain it.
In fact, mechanical maintenance and protection is the most important link for the correct use of machine tools. If mechanical protection is done well, it will continue the accuracy and service life of machinery. Talk about the general knowledge of surface grinder maintenance in detail.
The requirements for the processing environment of the fine surface grinder are very high. As long as the appropriate processing conditions are reached, we can ensure that our maintenance work can be carried out more normally and effectively. Therefore, as long as the environment is set well, we can ensure that the workpiece can be carried out more normally and reliably without deformation, Therefore, we must pay attention to the common sense of surface grinder maintenance.
1. After each operation, wipe and oil all parts of the grinder, especially the sliding parts, to keep their functions normal.
2. Clean the ground parts with clean cloth or small brush.
3. For key parts, anti rust oil shall be applied in time, such as grinding wheel flange, spindle grinding head, dial, etc.
4. Properly adjust an oil quantity, clockwise is tight and counterclockwise is loose. If it is adjusted large, it will flow too fast, and it will not overflow and waste. If it is adjusted small, it will affect the feel.
The above is about the general knowledge of surface grinder maintenance. I hope we can pay attention to daily maintenance and protection, so as to improve the function of the equipment, maintain its more normal and useful work, and greatly improve our work efficiency.

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