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Application of Grinding Wheel in Precision Grinding Machine

According to the five elements of grinding wheel material:

1. Abrasive:

Refers to the material, brown corundum (A) is used for unhardened steel or iron,

White corundum (WA) is used for hardened steel 40-55HRC,

Chrome corundum (PA) is used for high carbon steel hardening 58-64HRC

2. Granularity:

Refers to the thickness of the grinding wheel. Commonly used 46#,

If you need to maintain the smoothness or cutting groove forming angle, choose a thinner

3. Combination:

The grinding wheel is soft and hard, commonly used “L” grade,

If the workpiece is too hard, then consider softer “K” “J”

4. Arrangement:

Refers to the size of the pores for chip removal, generally “5” level,

Large holes will be used for workpieces that are too hard or that are easy to plug in chips such as aluminum and copper.

5. Binder:

The commonly used “V” ceramic sintering method is suitable for surface water grinding. The grinding wheel is rigid and can accept the feed pressure and persist in cutting.

Note: WA46L5V standard gauge is commonly used, and PA46L5V can be used if it is not worn.

The cheapest is A46L5V, but it is limited to unhardened mild steel. It can also be used on hardened steel but the effect is not obvious;

The above refers to the outer diameter of 300mm or more, and the particle size of the outer diameter of 180 is widely used, and 60-120# can be selected according to the above.

The congenital conditions of the grinding machine have determined the speed according to the size of the grinding wheel, so only the outer diameter, thickness and hole diameter of the grinding wheel need to be determined.

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