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Development Status of China Machine Tool Industry

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Related data in the Chinese machine tool market of the year can know,  National metal cutting machine tools in 2019 whole year, It reached a production capacity of 416,000 units, Compared with 2018, the production is reduced by 18.8%, And in 2012 China metal cutting machine tool output, Reached up to 882,300 units.

With the delay of the epidemic in the beginning of 2020, Undoubtedly, it has made the machine tool industry worse, In the first two months, the output of cutting machine tools decreased by 44.6%. The export of all types of machine tools has also been reduced by 27.1%.

In the output value ranking of various machine tool companies around the world, China’s machine tool industry, which occupied two seats in the top ten more than ten years ago, Now they are all embraced by Germany, the United States and Japan.

What happened to the Chinese machine tool industry? 

Metal cutting machine with a relatively low degree of automation, Mainly use for metal parts processing in various fields of manufacturing, Its species are widely distributed, Such as the lathes for turning of rotary parts, Milling machine for surface machining of workpieces, Grinding machine for grinding parts, And boring machines for drilling workpieces, etc.

It can be seen that metal cutting machine tools are basic equipment for manufacturing equipment processing and manufacturing. It has formed a complete set of industrial chain, This industrial chain from upstream raw materials to the middle stream is metal cutting machine tool industry, And to the downstream of various industries and equipment, etc.

As the largest consumption scale machine tool type, It involves the fields of automobiles, aerospace and ship manufacturing, So its output decline is hard, Among the top ten machine tool manufacturing companies with the top ten global output value in 2008, China ShenYang Machine Tool and Dalian Machine Tool occupy the eighth and tenth seats respectively.

At this time, the world’s most well -known machine tool company is Germany TRUMPF, Japan MAZAK and Germany DMG.

At this time, Chinese machine tool companies have also shown an upward trend, But after the rapid development of the machine tool industry in the last ten years, We found the pattern of the world machine tool at this time, It has changed dramatically, At that time,DMG and Japan MoriSeiki Machinery had been merged, China Taiwan Machine Tool Company FFG is also famous on the list, But it is worth noting that among the top ten machine tool companies in the world, China ShenYang Machine Tool and Dalian Machine Tool are gone, This is not a normal phenomenon, Because as the country with the largest production and consumption of machine tools in the world, China’s domestic machine tool market has exceeded a quarter of the world’s, But why is there such a large consumer market in China, But the world’s top machine tool companies cannot be born?

And it is difficult for the well -known machine tool companies to maintain an advantage?

The four major machine tool companies in China have ended.

Shenyang Machine Tool has an annual output value of more than 8 billion more than 10 years ago, Reduced to more than 5 billion output value, it is trapped in the annual losses.

Dalian Machine Tool has gone bankrupt, With Kunming Machine Tool choosing to withdraw from the market, Chinese machine tool enterprises only Qinchuan machine tools in the best efforts to develop.

Why do Chinese machine tool companies enter such a dilemma?

You can find it at various types of machine tools that decline in yield, Most of these machine tools are low cost, Machine tools with low accuracy errors and relatively simple functions, With the transformation and upgrading of my country’s manufacturing industry, Our country ’s demand for high-end high-precision machine tools is growing. Due to market demand driven the overall change of the industrial chain, China’s major machine tool companies have also begun to increase, R & D intensity in the field of high -end machine tools, In this research and development process, the output of medium and low -end machine tools also naturally decreases.

Secondly, the market object of low -end machine tools in the past is a region with weak industrialization, Now with the development of high-end machine tools, Market objects have gradually shifted to Europe and the United States, The output requirements of traditional low -end machine tools gradually decrease, The profit space is really limited, The market of domestic high-end CNC machine tools is small, It is difficult to develop the market in the region where the demand for high-end machine tools in Europe and the United States, Because the competitors they are facing are all Long -standing Japanese and German machine tool enterprises

These are important external factors affecting the development of Chinese machine tools, The internal factors is the development model of machine tool enterprises, technical talent introduction and other aspects, They all involve a core vocabulary — management

How not to be fooled by the short-term market;

How to lay out in advance in the field of high -end machine tools;

Having a complete development idea;

These are issues that Chinese machine tool companies should consider,

We can only analyze such factors shallowly.

Finally, when analyzing the machine tool industry chain, It was found that there is another important factor that we cannot ignore, This is the development of basic industries and manufacturing, In the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain of the machine tool industry, Often the downstream basic industry (the sales target of machine tools), Drive the development of the machine tool industry in the midstream, Finally, drive upstream raw material production, Lay a solid foundation in basic industries and basic manufacturing, There will be a higher technical requirements, Further strengthen and stimulate the transformation and development of the machine tool industry, then in turn act on the basic industries, This creates a virtuous circle.

All in all, China’s huge machine tool market, Really need the birth of high-end machine tool companies, we have come to the moment when we have to change.


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