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Process characteristics of machining center

If rough machining and finish machining are carried out continuously on the machining center, the fixture should not only meet the requirements of large cutting force, high stiffness and large clamping force during rough machining, but also meet the requirements of high positioning accuracy and small clamping deformation of parts during finish machining.

Due to the use of automatic tool change and automatic rotary worktable for multi station machining, the horizontal machining center can only carry out cantilever machining. Since the support lamp auxiliary device cannot be set in processing, the rigid tool shall be used as much as possible, and the vibration and stability of the tool shall be solved. In addition, because the machining center realizes the concentration of supply and demand or work steps through automatic tool change, the diameter, length and weight of the tool are generally not allowed to exceed the range specified in the machine tool manual due to the limitations of the warehouse and manipulator.

For the centralized processing of multiple processes, the chips shall be treated in time.

In the process of processing a blank into a finished product, the parts cannot be aged and the internal stress is difficult to eliminate.

The technology is complex and has high requirements for use, maintenance and management.

The one-time investment of the machining center is large, and other auxiliary devices need to be configured, such as tool presetting equipment, CNC tool system or CMM. The processing man hour cost of adding the machine is high. If the parts are selected improperly, the processing cost will be increased.

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