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Difference between EDM wire cutting slow wire medium wire and fast wire

Slow-moving wire, medium-moving wire, and fast-moving wire all refer to WEDM, a CNC machining machine that can erode metal and complete work piece cutting tasks. The full English name of WEDM is Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining, and the English abbreviation is WEDM. From another level, it can also be said that the slow wire, fast wire, and medium wire are all metal wire and metal discharge corrosion processing.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial lathe machinery and machine tools in China, Shanghai ANTS has 20 years of experience in machine tool production. The lathe machinery and other equipment it produces are not only used in the automotive industry, construction industry, but also in the mold industry.

Fast-moving wire is an original wire EDM processing mode in China. The electrode wire of fast-moving wire is generally made of molybdenum wire. The middle wire is an upgrade of the fast wire. It can also be said that it is evolved from the fast wire. The electrode wire is also made of molybdenum wire. However, compared with the molybdenum wire used in the fast wire feeder, the price of the molybdenum wire for the middle wire feeder is relatively high, and the price of the middle wire feeder machine is relatively high. In addition, the molybdenum wire of the fast wire can be processed reciprocatingly, that is, it can be reused, and the processing speed of the fast wire is fast, that is, the processing efficiency is relatively high, and the required production cost is relatively low.
However, the machining accuracy of fast wire-feeding machine tools is not as good as that of medium wire-feeding machine tools, and the surface roughness of fast-feeding wire-feeding products is also relatively poor.
The middle wire is developed from the fast wire. Its basic processing principle is the same as that of the fast wire. The middle wire retains the characteristics of simple cutting structure, low cost, better process effect and less consumption during use. On the basis of the original fast wire processing, the shortcomings of the original fast wire processing quality are greatly improved, and the surface roughness of the medium wire wire products can reach Ra=0.8μm.

The processing and cutting speed of the medium wire feed is not slower than that of the fast wire feed, but is higher than that of the fast wire feed. It only reduces the cutting speed in the process of multiple cutting to achieve the cutting effect. Therefore, the calculation of the medium wire feed is not high efficiency. but the average efficiency. In addition, the quality of the processing of the medium wire also tends to be slow. ”

“Medium wire travel, with the quality of slow wire travel, but only the price of fast wire travel!” is a revolution in the mold industry. ”

Shanghai Antis believes that the medium wire cutting function with multiple cutting functions combines the advantages of both fast wire cutting and slow wire cutting. It stands to reason that it should be used more in the wire cutting industry and is the “mainstream” of the wire cutting industry. But at present From the point of view, there are more applications of fast-moving silk.

The electrode wire of the slow-moving wire is not molybdenum wire, and the electrode wire of the slow-moving wire is copper wire, and the copper wire is disposable, that is to say, the electrode wire of the slow-moving wire can only be used once. The advantage of slow-moving wire is that the machining accuracy can reach within 0.01mm, and more importantly, the surface machining roughness of the product is very good, which can reach Ra=0.8μm and above. The disadvantage is that the price of the slow wire machine is relatively expensive.

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