sawing machine

Vertical Metal Band Sawing Machine CV Series

H:150~250 W: 300~700 mm

Length: 1000~6000 mm

Vertical metal band sawing machine (G5315/G5325/G5340)

Height : 150~400mm / Width : 320~500mm

length(L): 800~ 6000 mm

Automatic Horizontal Band Saw For Profile GH4260/80

Max sawing range

Round 600mm

Quadrate 600×800mm

Automatic Horizontal Band Saw 330B (CH-330HB)

Round material: Ø330 mm

Square : 330X330mm

Automatic Horizontal Band Saw 330A (CH-330HA)

Round material: Ø330 mm

Square : 330X330mm

Automatic type double column horizontal angle metal band sawing machine CH-300S

Sawing: 45°- 230 / 180W x 300H

60°- 130 / 130W x 130H 90°- 300 / 350W x 300H

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