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Fully Automatic Dual Column Metal Band Saw Machine With Protective Cover

Cutting capacity 0° (round):330 mm

Cutting capacity 0° (square):330*330 mm

Vertical Metal Band Sawing Machine CV Series

Cutting Capacity :

H:250~500mm W: 350~800 mm

Length: 1000~6000 mm

Vertical Longitudinal Cutting Pulley Type Metal Band Saw Machine G53 Series

Max.cutting  capacity :

H : 0.25~1.5 m / L: 1 ~ 10 m

Throat : 0.35 ~ 2 m

High Speed Circular Sawing Machine HY-75NC

Round material : 10-75 mm

Square material : 10~58mm

High Speed Circular Sawing Machine HY-85NC

Round material : 10-85 mm

Square material : 10~65mm

High Speed Circular Sawing Machine HY-100NC

Round material : 30-100 mm

Square material : 30~76 mm

Automatic Horizontal Band Saw For Profile GH4260/80

Max sawing range

Round 600mm

Quadrate 600×800mm

Horizontal Mitre Band Saw Machine BS-85

Rectangular @90° : 85x105mm

Rectangular @45° : 65x75mm

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