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Factors affecting the cutting speed of sawing machine band saw blade

The service life and cutting speed of the saw blade of the band sawing machine are mainly determined by the quality of the band sawing machine. When the band saw is in good condition, the cutting of the band saw will be: smoother, straighter, faster.

1. Look at the main driven wheel of the band saw, the surface will be worn, the rim will be worn, and the bearing of the main and driven wheel will cause the band saw blade to break and the band saw blade to deform.

2. Look at the direction-finding guide wheel and back pressure plate of the band sawing machine. Poor routine, surface wear, and poor direction-finding guide wheel bearing and back pressure plate will cause the band saw blade to break, the band saw blade has scratches, and the cut surface is inclined or bad.

3. Look at the verticality, whether it is perpendicular to the workbench, not straight up and down, whether it is perpendicular to the jaws, not straight left and right.

4. Looking at the amount of hydraulic oil, the intermittent feed control of the liquid level will cause serious wear of the band saw blade or chipping of the band saw blade; the system pressure is too high – the feed is too fast, and the cutting is too low. The saw blade is severely worn or the band saw blade is chipped, resulting in slow cutting due to insufficient cutting feed force.

5. Look at the tension of the band saw. If the tension is too high, the band saw blade is broken or cracked, which will cause excessive wear on the bearing and shaft of the main driven wheel of the band saw; if the tension is too low, the cut surface will be inclined.

6 Look at the rim, the clearance between the rim and the back of the saw, the band saw blade is broken or cracked, and the rim is excessively worn.

7. Look at the drive system, the belt and the pulley band saw blade running at an unsuitable speed, the transmission box lubricating oil, the transmission box noise, the filter, etc. will cause the transmission box to be damaged.

8. Look at the jaws, such as wear, the cutting length will be inaccurate, such as knife setting, the cutting surface will be inclined.

9. Look at the speed of the band saw blade, which directly affects the life of the saw blade.

10.Look at the feed system, the feed rate and feed pressure are too high, the feed force is too large, and the cutting is too low.

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