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Application scope of IG150 /IG200 high precision internal grinder

1. Fuel injection system of automobile engine, especially valve sleeve and cylinder block of high-pressure common rail system of diesel engine.

2. Bearing industry, bearing inner ring and outer ring channels.

3. Mold industry, guide sleeve, microporous blanking die, wire drawing die, cold drawing die, etc.

4. In the sewing machine industry, small hole grinding of various sleeve parts.

5. Spring collet industry, PCB drilling, high-speed collet of forming machine, precision collet of walking machine, CNC precision collet.

6. Communication industry, optical fiber coupling, optical cable connecting devices, micro bore grinding.

7. Cemented carbide industry, petroleum, mine cemented carbide sealing device grinding.

8. Hydraulic industry, grinding of various precision oil pumps, oil valves and sealing devices.

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