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Safety issues of lathe operation

Most of the mechanical equipment, especially some manually operated machine tools, have high-speed rotating parts, such as the spindle of the lathe, the smooth rod, and the lead screw. Operating with gloves will cause insensitive touch, numbness, and unresponsiveness. Once the gloves come into contact with these parts, they will quickly wrap around the rotating parts, causing physical injury.

Lathe technical safety operating procedures:
(1) Before work, lubricate the machine as required, check whether the handles are in place, and drive a slow car for five minutes to test run, and confirm that everything is normal before operation. (2) The chuck chuck must be fastened, and the wrench cannot be left on the chuck or chuck when the machine is turned on. (3) The workpiece and the tool should be clamped firmly, the tool bar should not be extended too long (except for boring); the small tool holder should be turned to stop to prevent the tool from colliding with the chuck, the workpiece or scratching the hand. (4) When the workpiece is running, the operator cannot stand directly on the workpiece, not lean on the lathe, or step on the oil pan. (5) When cutting at high speed, chip breaker and shield should be used. (6) High-speed anti-braking is prohibited, and the retreat and parking must be stable. (7) To remove iron filings, use a brush or special hook. (8) When polishing the workpiece with a file, the right hand must be in front and the left hand is behind; when polishing the workpiece with emery cloth, use “hand clamp” and other tools to prevent strangulation. (9) All working, measuring, and cutting tools should be placed in a safe place nearby to be neat and orderly. (10) The lathe is not stopped, and it is forbidden to take the workpiece or measure the workpiece on the lathe. (11) When the lathe is working, it is forbidden to open or remove the protective device. (12) Near the end of get off work, the lathe should be cleaned and wiped, and the tailstock and carriage box should be retracted to the far right end of the bed.

Operating procedures
1. Before turning on the lathe, first check whether the oil circuit and rotating parts are flexible and normal. When turning on the lathe, wear tight-fitting work clothes, fasten the cuffs, and wear protective caps on long hair. Gloves are forbidden, and glasses must be worn when cutting workpieces and sharpening knives. 2. Observe whether the equipment is normal when starting up, the turning tool must be clamped firmly, the depth of the tool must not exceed the load of the equipment itself, the extension of the tool head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body, and the large tool must be returned when rotating the tool holder In a safe position, prevent the turning tool from colliding with the chuck, up and down large workpieces, and plank boards on the bed surface. When loading and unloading workpieces with a crane, the spreader is not allowed to be unloaded if the workpiece is not clamped by the chuck, and all control power supplies of the crane must be disconnected. After the workpiece is clamped, the spreader must be removed before the lathe rotates. 3. When using emery cloth to grind the workpiece, the emery cloth should use hardwood pads, the turning tool should be moved to a safe position, tools and parts are not allowed to be placed on the surface of the tool holder, and the scribing dial should be secured. 4. The turning speed of the lathe should be stopped after the turning of the lathe, so as not to damage the gears. When driving, the turning tool should be slowly approached to the workpiece, so as to avoid chip foaming or damaging the workpiece. 5. During the working hours of the lathe, it is not allowed to leave the job position, jokes are forbidden, and the power must be shut down when leaving the machine. The mind must be concentrated when working. The workpiece cannot be measured while the machine is running, and the clothing report cannot be changed near the running lathe. Personnel with job permit cannot operate the lathe alone.

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