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Gantry Milling Machine Processing

1. Accuracy inspection of gantry milling machine

The accuracy of the gantry milling machine. How much accuracy is required, but if the user buys this machine tool, it is mainly used to perform finishing on the workpiece. A wire or half a wire or even smaller, the accuracy of the gantry milling machine is the main core issue.

To perform rough machining on the blank, it should be checked how much force the machine tool has, that is, what is the maximum feed amount at one time. Since his processing of the blank belongs to rough processing, the requirements for precision are not too high, but the requirements for efficiency are very high, so he requires this machine tool to be powerful and the amount of cutting tools to be large. Of course, the force of the gantry milling machine mainly depends on the engine, but there is still an important point that cannot be ignored, that is, the screw. If it is faster and the amount of knife is larger, then the screw is likely to deform or even break. Therefore, in this case, the bearing capacity of the screw should also be considered. Feeling the user’s concern should have nothing to do with the parts he is processing. If the user buys this machine tool, the important purpose is to process the blank.
Nowadays, the use of machine tools has become very popular. However, for a series of high-precision machine tools such as the newly launched gantry milling machine in recent years, the daily maintenance work has been neglected by people. Some faults of the gantry milling machine can be avoided during maintenance. In the use of gantry milling machines, formulate rules and regulations for the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools. Always check the grid voltage used by the CNC machine. After 5 minutes of booting, check that everything is normal, and then it can be used normally. Turn on the automatic lubrication system normally. Check the guide rail protection and wipe the oil in time. Shut down the machine should clean the dirt in time. Rub oil on the guide rails and the workbench in time. Turn off the power in time. The above are some details that should be paid attention to in the daily use process. Only after paying attention and maintaining the details can the working efficiency and working accuracy of the gantry milling machine be ensured.

2. Functional features:

Its detailed functional characteristics vary according to the variety, type and manufacturer, and are closely related to the selected technology. Taking the SK series three-axis CNC gantry milling mentioned earlier as an example, its functions are as follows:

1. The vertical milling head is equipped with TX400 heavy-duty gantry milling head, double rectangular guide rails, and strong rigidity;

2. The milling head is equipped with a ball screw, pneumatic broaching equipment, and is driven by a servo motor;

3. The side milling head is equipped with a V5 type gantry milling head, and independent lubrication equipment is installed.

4. One-key conversion of three-axis CNC system for general milling/NC milling, which can be programmed and operated manually by using the expansion panel, which is extremely complete in the practice machining process;

5. The advance and retreat of the bed, the top and bottom of the beam, and the top and bottom of the vertical milling head are equipped with Taiwan ball screws, which are driven by servo motors;

6. Equipped with American Martin timing belt and timing wheel;

7. Hand-held electronic handwheel unit, convenient three-axis tool setting;

8. The common beam lifting safety interlocking equipment ensures the repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool;

9. Taiwan-marked cycloid pump sets are lubricated one after another, and the failure rate is low.

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