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Automatic Tool Changer for CNC Machine Tools

In the manufacturing process of ANTISHI CNC machine tool parts, a large amount of time is spent on non-cutting time such as tool replacement, loading and unloading, measuring and handling parts, and the cutting processing time accounts for the entire work time.
smaller proportion of time. In order to further compress non-cutting time, CNC machine tools are developing in the direction of one machine tool to complete multi-process machining in one clamping.

The reason for the rapid development of multi-process CNC machine tools with movable tool changers. To this end, further develop and improve various types of automatic tool changing devices, and expand the number of tool changes in order to achieve more complex tool changes.

use the parts are processed in multiple processes in one installation, greatly
The number of clamping of the parts is reduced, and the machining accuracy of the parts is further improved.
The automatic tool changer should meet the requirements of short tool change time, high repeatability of tool positioning, sufficient tool storage, compact structure, safety and reliability.

Rotary tool post tool changer

The rotary tool holder must have good strength and rigidity in structure to withstand the cutting resistance during roughing. Select a reliable positioning scheme and a reasonable positioning structure to ensure the rotary knife
After each indexing, the rack has the highest possible repeat positioning accuracy (usually 0.005 ~ 0.01 mm).

In the rotary tool post, the cross groove wheel indexing tool post has a large volume and uses a lot of space, which relatively reduces the cutting area of ​​the machine tool: the cam pawl type indexing tool post is not easy to achieve reliable positioning; Electromagnetic type
The indexing tool holder needs an additional set of control circuits and power-off protection; the nut-lifting indexing tool holder has many parts, but the positioning is reliable, and it is currently used more.

Under normal circumstances, the tool change action of the rotary tool holder mainly includes several steps such as tool holder lifting, tool holder indexing, and tool holder pressing.

Multi-spindle turret head tool changer

The spindle turret head of this machine tool is a turret tool magazine, and the turret head has two types: horizontal and vertical. As shown in the figure is the appearance of the CNC turret boring and milling machine, each tool change includes the removal of the turret head
Turn on the spindle drive, lift the turret head, turret head: indexing and positioning and pressing of the turret head. Due to the limitation of the space position, the structure of the main shaft component cannot be designed to be very solid, thus affecting the
It affects the stiffness of the spindle system.

Tool magazine – -Robot automatic tool change system

This automatic tool changer has a tool magazine for storing tools. The CNC machine tool only needs a tool spindle that clamps the tool for cutting. The tool exchange method is usually divided into the relative movement of the tool magazine and the machine tool spindle. There are two types of tool exchange, and two types of tools are exchanged by manipulators. When the former tool is changed, the used tool must be returned to the tool magazine first, and then the new tool must be taken out from the tool magazine. These two actions cannot be performed at the same time, so the tool change time is longer; Great flexibility, this tool magazine can store more tools, when automatic tool change, the manipulator sends the tools used by the machine tool spindle E back to the tool magazine, and at the same time takes out the tools required for the next-process from the tool magazine and sends them to the spindle , the tool change time overlaps, so the tool change time is short and the processing efficiency is high.

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