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Metal Steel Alloy Cut Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

Maximum Cutting Capacity round Φ280mm
rectangular 280mm( W) x 250mm( H)
Bundle cutting capacity Maximum 240mm(W)x90mm(H)
Min 160mm(W)x20mm(H)
Drive Capacity Main Motor 2.2KW
Hydraulic Motor 0.75KW
Coolant Pump 0.09KW
Blade Speed 40/60/80 by tower wheel
Blade Size 3850x27x0.9mm
Work piece Clamping Hydraulic Vise
Blade Tension Manual
Main Drive Worm wheel Drive
feeding mode Roller feeding
Table Height 650mm
Machine Size (LxWxH) 1750x2200x1500mm
Weight (kg) 1400

Main Feature :

1. It is suitable for large batch sawing of materials of the same size;

2. Automatic feeding, automatic cutting, and automatic cutting;

3. The man-machine interface replaces the traditional control panel and uses digital methods to set working parameters;

4. PLC programmable controller, easy to choose sawing method;

5. Positioning error ≤0.2mm;

6. The double-column hydraulic cylinder structure greatly prolongs the service life of the machine;

7. Hydraulic control cutting speed, stepless speed regulation;

8. Stable sawing and high precision;

9. Customizable: automatic collection device; a clamping device for cutting beam;

10. Scissor type, reverse rotation 45°.

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