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Horizontal CNC Band Saw for All Kinds of Steel Bar Cutting

Band saw machine

1. Use worm gear reducer.

2. The workpiece is clamped hydraulically.

3. The cutting feed adopts hydraulic stepless speed regulation.

4. When the saw band is working, the oil pump stops working, saving energy consumption.

5. Automatically clean the sawdust, effectively extending the service life of the saw blade.

  Cutting capacity:   mm   solid: 280    retangular solid: 200H X 300W
  Blade speed   m/min   20 /  35 / 56 /    65 / 80
  Blade size   mm   27 x 0.9 x 3505
  Motor hydraulic   kw   0.75
  Motor main   kw   2.20
  Coolant pump   kw   0.09
  Table height   mm   610
  Workpicec clamping   Hydraulic clamp
  Blade tensioning   Manual
  Size outward ( L X W X H )   mm   2000 x 1150 x1350

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