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Corner Band Sawing Machine Structure and Use

Corner Band Sawing Machine Structure

Since its establishment 20 years ago, ANTISHI has invested a lot of energy in the R&D and production of band sawing machines.
With the continuous innovation of technology, the performance of equipment has also been greatly improved. Therefore, the band sawing machines produced by our company can generally meet the needs of purchasing companies in terms of sawing level and sawing capacity.

The above two kinds of rotation angle band sawing machines are to tighten the circular saw blade on the two saw wheels, and the saw wheels drive the saw belt to cut the metal. It should be noted that the two different structures of the band sawing machine saw different materials respectively. Of course, the effect of sawing will be different. Therefore, when purchasing a band sawing machine with a rotation angle, it is necessary to choose a suitable band sawing machine according to the desired sawing effect.

The rotary band sawing machine can be divided into horizontal band sawing machine and vertical band sawing machine according to the structure. The sawing principle of the horizontal band sawing machine is: the saw frame is inclined or arranged horizontally, feeding in the vertical direction or in the direction of swinging around a fulcrum, and the saw belt is generally twisted by 40° to keep the sawtooth perpendicular to the workpiece.

The sawing principle of the vertical band saw is: the saw frame is set vertically, and the workpiece moves during cutting to cut
It can cut the curve profile of sheet materials and formed parts, and can also replace the saw belt with a file chain or abrasive belt for repairing or grinding.

Corner band saw blade use

1. Correctly adjust the sawing parameters of the band saw. Purchasing companies generally want bimetal band saw blades to be efficient
The cutting rate is high, but when the band saw blade is forced too hard or runs too fast, the band saw blade will be heated more and more. When the feed rate is too large, the down force and speed will lead to the phenomenon of tooth tip chipping, dulling, tooth loss or chipping of the rear corner of the tool tip. In order to avoid the above problems, the operator must be correct when setting and adjusting the sawing parameters of the band sawing machine. Before operation, you can read the instructions and parameter table repeatedly, or you can consult our company’s professional technology.

2. Prepare enough cutting fluid. When the band saw blade is working, it is necessary to prepare sufficient cutting fluid, which can cool and lubricate the band saw blade and flush away excess chips. Adjust the feed water to ensure that the cutting fluid plays a better role.

3. Avoid the tension of the bimetal band saw blade is too large or too small. If the tension of the saw blade is too high, the saw blade tooth groove will crack, and the service life of the saw wheel bearing will be shortened. Conversely, band saw blade tension that is too low can lead to fatigue deformation of the blade or the workpiece to be skewed or cored.

4. Clean up the chips around the band saw blade and keep the sawing area clean and tidy. In order to avoid the chips sticking to the tooth tips or grooves, the wire brush of the band saw should be used correctly at this time, the position should be adjusted correctly, and there should be no chips around the sawing at all times. When the brush is damaged, it should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the normal sawing of the band saw. cut.

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