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Reasonable maintenance of hardware of NC milling machine

CNC milling machine is divided into mechanical part and system part, and the stable and efficient processing of the equipment depends on the normal working cooperation of the two parts. The mechanical part of general machining center is mainly composed of spindle part, feed transmission part and guide rail part.

The main shaft is mainly composed of main shaft, bearing and clamping. During the operation of the machine, attention should be paid to the lubrication, cooling and sealing of the main shaft. Good lubrication effect is required to reduce the temperature and service life of the bearing. During operation, check the smooth constant temperature oil tank of the main shaft every day to see whether the oil quantity is sufficient. If the oil quantity is not enough, the smooth oil shall be added in time; Pay attention to check whether the temperature scale of smooth oil is appropriate.

The purpose of smooth guide rail is to reduce conflict resistance and conflict wear, so as to avoid creeping at low speed and temperature rise at high temperature. Therefore, the smoothness of the guide rail is very important. For sliding guide rail, smooth oil shall be selected; The rolling guide rail may be smooth oil or grease. During operation, pay attention to avoid chips, abrasive particles or cutting fluid scattered on the guide rail surface, otherwise the wear of the guide rail will be aggravated, scratched and rusted. Therefore, pay attention to the normal inspection of guide rail protection equipment to ensure the protection of guide rail.

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