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ZX6350ZA Drilling and Milling Machine

ZX6350ZA automatic feed type multi-function milling machine

ZX6350ZA multi-function drilling and milling machine/lifting table drilling and milling machine/drilling and milling machine body is made of high-grade cast iron, which has high precision and long service life after artificial aging treatment. Fine grinding, strong cutting force and high precision, the bed is a rectangular guide rail bed, with many contact surfaces, sufficient rigidity and good stability. The X and Y directions are controlled by the box-type tool feeder mechanism, which can realize automatic feeding, and the Z direction adopts the motor to automatically lift. X, Y, Z three-direction guide rail surface hardening treatment, precision grinding, strong rigidity, gears are ground teeth, high frequency quenching and tempering, low noise and durable.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a manual lubricating device that can forcefully lubricate the lead screw and guide rail. The machine head is a Z-type box-type gear transmission mechanism, and the main shaft (vertical shaft) is equipped with a main shaft micro-movement mechanism. The head-stock can rotate ±45° in the vertical plane and 360° in the horizontal plane; Horizontal forward and backward movement

 Technical parameters of ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine

Maximum diameter of drilled hole 50mm
Spindle hole ISO40
End milling maximum diameter 100 mm
Maximum diameter of vertical milling 25 mm
Boring maximum diameter 120 mm
Distance from spindle end face to table 80-460 mm
Spindle speed V:115-1750(8) RPM
H:40-1300(12) RPM
Spindle travel 120 mm
Table size 1120X280 mm
Table travel mm 600×300 mm
Motor power 1.5 / 2.2 KW
Net/Gross weight 1400/1550 KG

The main advantages of ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine:
1. The machine tool adopts belt drive, low noise, suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming and milling on various common materials;
2. This machine tool has 12-level speed change, wide speed range, suitable for processing various commonly used soft and hard materials;
3. The spindle box and the worktable can be lifted and lowered, and can also be rotated around the column, which expands the processing range;
4. The fuselage is stable and sturdy, and the size of the worktable is 585×190mm;
5. This machine tool can be equipped with a multi-axis device to perform multi-hole drilling, expansion, reaming and tapping at the same time according to user requirements.

Standard accessories: drill chuck taper shank lower tool iron wrench pull rod
Special accessories: milling collet angle pliers eye shield frame

Operation specification of ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine

1. Before operating the ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine, wear tight protective clothing, fasten the cuffs, and do not open the hem of the jacket. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves. It is not allowed to wear, take off or change clothes next to the running machine tool, or wrap it around the body to prevent the machine from being strangled. A safety helmet must be worn, the braids should be placed in the cap, and skirts and slippers are not allowed. Wear protective goggles: to prevent eye damage from splashing iron filings, and install baffles around the machine to isolate it from the operating area.

2. Before clamping the workpiece of ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine, the clamping method should be formulated. When clamping blanks, the table should be well padded to avoid damage to the table.

3. When the worktable of the drilling and milling machine moves, check that the fastening screws should be opened, and the fastening screws should be tightened when the worktable of the ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine does not move.

4. When loading and unloading the cutter of the drilling and milling machine, the taper part and the taper hole of the milling cutter should be kept clean, and the clamping should be firm. Protective goggles must be worn during high-speed cutting. The workbench is not allowed to stack tools, parts, etc., pay attention to the distance between the tool and the workpiece to prevent collision accidents.

5. Before installing the milling cutter on the ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine, check whether the cutter is correct and in good condition. The milling cutter should be installed as close to the spindle as possible, and a test run should be performed after installation. The installation workpiece should be firm.

6. When the drilling and milling machine is working, it should first feed by hand, and then gradually move the tool automatically. When running automatic tool feed, pull open the handwheel, pay attention to whether the limit stop is firm, do not put it on the head, and do not go to the two extremes to break the lead screw; In order to avoid damage to the parts, the milling cutter shatters and flies out and hurts people. Always check whether the safety spring in the hand crank is effective and reliable.

7. It is forbidden to touch the blade and processing parts by hand when the ZX6350ZA drilling and milling machine is cutting. The measurement and inspection of the workpiece must be stopped, and the X5036A small lifting table milling machine is not allowed to adjust the workpiece during cutting.

8/The tool feed must be stopped before the spindle stops. If the cutting depth is large, the tool should be stopped first when retracting, the power supply must be cut off when hanging the wheel, the clearance between the hanging wheel should be appropriate, and the back mother of the hanging wheel frame should be tightened to avoid falling off; The amount of cutting and feeding.

9. If the machine tool is found to be faulty, it should immediately stop for inspection and report to the construction and security department to send a mechanic to repair it. After the drilling and milling machine is finished, the cleaning work should be done well and the power should be turned off.

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