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Elements of Measuring the Quality of CNC Circular Saw

Circular sawing machines can be divided into metal circular sawing machines and woodworking circular sawing machines according to the processed products; according to the feeding method, they can be divided into vertical, horizontal and scissors; according to the control method, they can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, and according to the demand Equipped with special rack.

Due to the advanced nature, accuracy and applicability of equipment, as well as customer demand for the market, metal circular sawing machines are more and more popular with enterprises in the market, and the demand is also increasing. Therefore, when purchasing circular sawing machines, measure the circular sawing machine. The quality of the machine becomes very important, which can be analyzed from the following three points:

1. Stability

The stability of the equipment when sawing materials will affect the life of the metal circular saw. The more stable it is, the more durable it is. First of all, when we choose, we should ask the supplier to test the machine. When sawing materials, we should pay attention to its The frequency of sawing speed cannot be said to be fast for a while and slow for a while, and the quality should be the same;

The second is the burr after sawing, and all sawed materials should be uniform;

The last is the saw blade. What we need to observe is whether the saw blade is compatible with the equipment; if it is found that the saw blade is floating, the maintenance personnel should check it to see if it is not installed properly or not. The factor of the saw blade will be related to the directly affect the cost.


While observing the sawing of the metal circular saw, listen carefully to the sound of the equipment during sawing.

The sound of the device at startup should be smooth, not high and low, and the sound should be muffled.

When the saw blade is cutting, it should also have a uniform sound, a bit like water cutting, because there is oil mist, if it feels very dry, then it must be something that is not done well.

The sound of the third overall device should be smooth and gradually reduced, from large to small. If it is found to be very loud all the time, or there is serious trembling, then it can be very sure that there is a problem with the quality.

3. Supplier’s attitude towards after-sale service

The after-sales attitude of suppliers is very important to customers. After nearly 20 years of development, Shanghai Antis has a wealth of technical accumulation, and has established a complete sales channel and after-sales service network in many countries and regions. It has the characteristics of rich experience, excellent manufacturing and professional service in the same industry in China.

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