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How to do the tooling and fixture of CNC drilling machine from selection to installation?

Why is the production efficiency of the same drilling machine several times different? The conclusion is that the selected fixture of the CNC drilling machine is not suitable, which greatly reduces the production efficiency of the CNC machine tool. The following introduces the reasonable selection and application of CNC machine tool fixtures.

How to improve the utilization rate of CNC drilling machines? Through technical analysis, the use of fixtures has a great relationship. According to incomplete statistics, the unreasonable proportion of domestic enterprises’ CNC machine tools using fixtures is as high as 50%. By the end of 2010, the number of CNC drilling machines in China was close to one million, which means that more than 500,000 CNC drilling machines have suffered from “lack of work” due to unreasonable fixture selection or improper application; from another perspective , There is a lot to do in the selection and application of CNC machine tool fixtures, because it contains considerable potential economic benefits.

Small batch production cycle ﹦ production (preparation/waiting) time + workpiece processing time Since the “workpiece processing time” for small batch production is very short, the length of the “production time” has a vital impact on the processing cycle. If you want to improve production efficiency, you must find ways to shorten production time.

1. The following recommend three types of CNC machine tool fixtures that can be given priority for small batch production:
Combination fixture
Modular fixture is also called “building block fixture”. It consists of a series of standardized design, different functions, and different specifications and sizes of machine tool fixture components. Customers can quickly assemble various types of fixtures according to processing requirements, just like “building blocks”. Types of machine tool fixtures. Because the modular fixture saves the time for designing and manufacturing special fixtures, and greatly shortens the production preparation time, it effectively shortens the small batch production cycle, that is, improves the production efficiency. In addition, the modular fixture also has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, large clamping flexibility, repeated use, energy-saving and material-saving manufacturing, and low use cost. Therefore, small batch processing, especially when the product shape is more complex, can be given priority to using modular fixtures.

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