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unviersal milling drilling machine

Product description:

1.It can realize vertical and horizontal milling two processing function;

2.The two rotary milling head, spindle at any angle rotating and adjustment;

3.Can be used for processing and mold shell;

4.Work bench X. Y. Z all are gear drive automatic feed.

5.Guide surface heat treatment of high hardness, strong steel, gear up for gear grinding ,by high frequency quenching and low noise.

 unit SP2246
Table size mm 1370×320
T slot no./width/distance no/mm/mm 3/14/70
Max. load of Table kg 400
Table Longitudinal travel(manual/auto) mm 1000
Table Cross travel  (manual/auto) mm 380
Table Vertical travel(manual/auto) mm 440
Spindle taper ISO40 (V/H)
Spindle speed /step — Vertical rpm 35-1600/11steps
                –Horizontal rpm 45-1335/12steps
Swivel angle of milling head degree 360º
Vertical spindle axis to column surface mm 200-800
Vertical spindle nose to table surface mm 200-640
Horizontal spindle axis to table surface mm 0-440
Horizontal spindle axis to arm bottom mm 200
Ram travel mm 600
Longitudinal feed rate mm/min 22-555/8steps
Longitudinal rapid moving mm/min 760
Cross feed rate mm/min 22-555/8steps
Cross rapid moving mm/min 760
Vertical feed rate mm/min 7-150/8steps
Rapid Traverse vertical mm/min 210
Main motor kw 3 (V/H)
Feed motor kw 1.1
Coolant motor kw 0.04
Overall dimension cm 225x180x200
Machine net weight kg 2100

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