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How to improve the working efficiency of the band sawing machine

How to improve the life and operation efficiency of sawing machines, band sawing machines and CNC sawing machines during use? The following is a brief explanation from Shanghai ANTS:

1.Purchase of band sawing machine and saw blade
The selection of sawing machines and saw blades will play a guiding role in terms of materials and later use details. And it is also necessary to correctly select a reasonable saw blade width, tooth shape and pitch according to the material of the cutting material, so we should choose a high-quality sawing machine instead of a low-priced sawing machine when purchasing.

2.The running-in of the saw blade
Correctly and reasonably run-in the newly purchased saw blade, and the correct operation method can increase the service life of the band saw blade. “Break-in” refers to the natural wear of the saw teeth, after removing the burrs on the tooth edges, the band saw blade enters the normal sawing state, which prematurely causes the chipping and curling of the saw teeth, profiles, pipes and special-shaped materials with changing cross-sections.

3.Saw according to sawing parameters
Saw cutting in strict accordance with the sawing parameters for different materials provided by the sawing manufacturer, which mainly include belt line speed, feed rate, saw belt tension, etc. When sawing materials, the ideal cutting should be tight, silver and have a warm feel. If there is cutting such as sintering, brownish blue, hypertrophy or powdery, it is necessary to adjust the relevant parameters and use the cutting fluid and mixture correctly. It can lubricate and cool the band saw blade and clean the attachments on the teeth in time

4.Requires relevant operation training for sawing machine operators
The training of the sawing machine operator is very important. Only by understanding the performance of the sawing machine in detail, can the band sawing machine be operated. Correct operation and adjustment of the sawing machine are important factors for the service life of the band saw blade.

5.Strengthen daily maintenance
For the band sawing machine, we need to strengthen the daily maintenance of the equipment. After incomplete statistics, the overall focus on the maintenance of the sawing machine is less than 30%. This is also an important reason for the decline in the efficiency of the sawing machine, so we have to do Regularly replace the oil and wear parts of the band sawing machine

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