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Characteristics of drilling and milling machine

The structure of the machine tool is composed of nine main parts: bed, base, triangle, worktable and sliding seat, sliding arm rotating seat, milling head, cooling and lubrication, electrical system and so on.

The worktable of the drilling and milling machine can move vertically and horizontally, and the spindle is arranged vertically. It is usually a desktop, and the machine head can rise and fall up and down. The shape of the drilling and milling machine has a variety of cutting functions such as drilling, milling, boring, grinding, tapping and so on. The spindle box can rotate 90 ° left and right in the vertical plane, and the worktables of some models can rotate 45 ° left and right in the horizontal plane. The worktables of most models can automatically feed the tool longitudinally. The machine tool has advanced and reasonable structure, light and flexible operation and convenient maintenance. The workpiece processed on this machine tool can generally meet the requirements of it8 precision and roughness. The machine tool workbench can be fed manually in longitudinal, transverse and vertical directions, and the workbench can also be fed automatically in longitudinal and transverse directions in both positive and negative directions. There is no safety protection device for limit stop.

1. The machine adopts belt drive and low noise. It is suitable for drilling, reaming, reaming and milling on various common materials.
2. The machine tool has 12 speed changes and a wide speed range, which is suitable for the processing of various commonly used soft and hard materials;
3. The spindle box and worktable can be raised and lowered, and can also rotate around the column, expanding the processing range;
4. The fuselage is stable and solid, and the size of the workbench is up to 585 × 190mm;
5. The machine tool can be equipped with multi axis device to drill, expand, ream and tap holes at the same time according to the needs of users.
6. The machine tool can realize vertical and horizontal milling functions; The vertical spindle sleeve has manual and micro feeding;
7. The X, y and Z direction guide rail pairs of the machine tool are ground after super audio frequency quenching;
8. The vertical spindle sleeve has manual and micro feed.
9. The table guide rail pair is ground after ultra audio frequency quenching.
10. The worktable is divided into three motorized feeding modes: type A is three-way; Type C is unidirectional; Type D is two-way.

The handle of the drilling and milling machine is mainly used to adjust the rotation speed of the head of the drilling and milling machine when the drilling and milling machine is used. There is no gap. Therefore, if some manufacturers take the advantage of the handle of the drilling and milling machine as an advantage, it is not an advantage. What is common in the market today is that the customers of the two handles reflect that the drilling and milling machine with two handles has good quality and high precision.

It is suitable for processing all kinds of small and medium-sized parts, especially non-ferrous metal materials; Plastic; Nylon cutting has the advantages of simple structure and flexible operation. It is widely used in single piece or batch mechanical manufacturing; Instrument industry; Architectural decoration and repair department.

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