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Bandsaw Care and Maintenance-ANTS Machines

The maintenance of the band saw machine should pay attention to the following points:

1. Sawdust, resin and dust on the machine should be cleaned frequently, and the saw wheel, saw blade and sliding parts should be kept clean;

2. Check the electrical devices, such as the operation of the motor, whether the electromagnetic clutch and the travel switch are in good contact, etc.

3. Regularly check and refuel the friction parts of the saw machine and transmission system, such as bearings, bearing bushes, gears, screw rods, worm gears and worms, and slideways.

4. Regularly check and correct the position of each part of the machine:

1) Check whether the upper and lower saw wheels are in the same vertical plane and whether the wheel rim is skewed laterally. Inspection method: Hang a line hammer on the left and right of the front edge of the upper saw wheel. If the two sides of the lower saw wheel are in contact with the vertical line, it means that the two wheels are in the same straight plane; Then correct whether the measuring plane of the front edge of the two wheels is consistent with the vertical line. If there is an angle with the vertical line, it means that the saw wheel is installed crooked. It is more convenient to adjust the upper saw wheel when calibrating. If the partial button is too large, the lower saw wheel can also be adjusted.

2) Check the degree of wear of the rim. When the wheel surface is seriously worn, the sawing quality will be affected, and the service life of the saw blade will be shortened, so it must be removed and leveled with a lathe. During normal driving, it is necessary to protect the center hole of the wheel shaft so as not to set the wrong center, which will cause the saw wheel to be biased; the cutting depth of the wheel surface should be less to prolong the service life of the saw wheel.

3) Check the shaft of the saw wheel and the feeding direction, if it is not parallel, it needs to be adjusted.

4) Check the lifting system of the upper wheel, focusing on the degree of wear of the worm and worm wheel and whether there are impurities such as sawdust in the clearance of the screw nut, whichever is flexible and light in lifting and lowering.

5) Check whether the lifting of the upper saw card is vertical and flexible. If the gap between the slide rail and the chute is too large, it should be trimmed.

6) Check whether the automatic tensioner is flexible. If it is found that the action is not working, it is necessary to check the reason and adjust it in time.

7) Check whether the sawing machine is running stably. If there is vibration, it must be shut down for maintenance.

8) Check the safety protection device and the vacuuming system to ensure that the protection device is reliable and the vacuuming system is smooth.

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