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How to repair the failure of the guide rail of the gantry milling machine

In the long-term use process of the guide rail and other friction pairs of the gantry milling machine, due to the different degrees of friction between the two contact surfaces, the surfaces of the friction pairs will be worn to different degrees, which may affect the machining accuracy and production efficiency of the machine tool in severe cases. Most of the guide rails of the gantry milling machine are made of steel or cast iron. When scratches appear, they should be repaired, otherwise the scratches will be enlarged and the processing will also be affected.

For the repair of machine tools and other worn parts, metal plates and polymer materials are usually applied or replaced, which not only require a large number of precise processing and manufacturing, but also often require manual scraping of the processed surface. There are many repair work procedures and construction period. long. If it needs to be repaired quickly, polymer materials can be used to repair it.

Polymer composite material is a composite material made of polymer, metal or ceramic ultrafine powder, fiber, etc. as the base material, under the action of a curing agent and a curing accelerator. Various materials complement each other in performance and produce a synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of the composite material is better than that of the original composition material. With strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the repair of mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leakage, casting blisters, etc. of metal equipment, as well as various chemical storage tanks. , Chemical anti-corrosion protection and repair of reaction tanks and pipelines.

Repair process program
1.Bake the scratched parts with an oxygen-acetylene flame (master the temperature and avoid surface annealing), and bake out the oil that has permeated the metal surface until there are no sparks.

2. Surface the scratched part with an angle grinder, grind the depth of 1 mm or more, and grind the groove along the guide rail, preferably a dovetail groove. Deepen the holes at both ends of the scratch to change the force.

3. Use absorbent cotton dipped in acetone or absolute ethanol to clean the surface.

4. Apply a uniformly blended 2211F to the scratched surface; the first layer should be thin, evenly and completely cover the scratched surface to ensure the best bonding between the material and the metal surface, and then apply the material to the entire repaired part and repeat Press to ensure that the material is filled and reaches the required thickness, making it slightly higher than the surface of the guide rail.

5. It takes 24 hours for the material to fully achieve various properties at 24 degrees Celsius. In order to save time, the temperature can be increased by halogen lamps. Each increase in temperature by 11 degrees Celsius will shorten the curing time by half. The best curing temperature is 70 degrees Celsius.

6. After the material is solidified, use a fine grindstone or scraper to repair and level the material that is higher than the surface of the guide rail. The construction is completed.

This repair method is simple to operate, saves time, and has good repair quality and low cost. Utilizing its unique adhesion, excellent compressive strength, oil resistance and wear resistance, it can provide a long-term protective layer for components, which can effectively solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional maintenance methods for large equipment that cannot be disassembled. The performance of the equipment has been improved, the matching clearance of the components has been improved, and the normal operation of the gantry milling machine production has been ensured to the greatest extent, saving customers a lot of time and money, and allowing the equipment to have a long running time.

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