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Horizontal metal band sawing machine with double pillars and heavy gantry

Product Name
GZ4230/50 Horizontal metal band sawing machine with double pillars and heavy gantry

Horizontal  Saw Machine / Vertical Saw Machine /

Circular Saw Machine     /Band saw machine   / Bow Saw Machine
Electrical Power
Main Parameter

Hydraulic Motor :                                     0.34-9KW

Linear velocity of band saw blade :      25 35 45 60 80 m/min
Working clamping mode  :                     hydraulic vise
Saw blade tension mode  :                     manual, hydraulic optional
Main transmission structure:               turbine drive
Outward Size:                                          Specific Type and Specific Size
Product Type:
There are hinge type, single column type and double column type. Gantry type and vertical type, divided into semi-automatic, CNC fully automatic.

Mechanical Structure
The main parts of sawing machine are base, bed, column, sawing beam and driving mechanism, guiding device, workpiece clamping, tensioning device, feeding frame, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication and cooling system.
Installation And Testing

1. Hydraulic oil on sawing machine should be increased, and a layer of oil should be applied to the sliding and rotating parts.

2. The band saw machine is equipped with a saw band, and the tension device (turning the left handle of the saw frame) is adjusted to make the band tighten up to a suitable degree. At the same time, the contact of the travel switch is adjusted to meet the iron barrier and is in the open state.

3. Add enough coolant in the cooling water tank.

4, after doing the above preparations, connect the power supply, the grounding must be standard and reliable, turn on the power switch (in the electrical control box), start the saw test run, according to the sign indicated on the rotation correction wiring, while listening to whether its sound is normal. During the operation, the sawing bow is automatically lowered, the sawing band is lowered to 0.5-1 mm below the worktable, and the limit switch head is automatically raised when it bumps into the bumper block. Whether it stops automatically when it reaches the limit position height or not, three consecutive experiments are carried out. During the operation, the adjusting and tightening device is in a relaxed state, and the stroke switch contacts leave the bumper block to turn off and shut down. Three consecutive experiments were carried out.5. Check the lifting and lowering cylinder device, check whether the saw bow is reliable and flexible.

6. Check clamping and loosening cylinder device, check whether clamping is reliable and loosening is flexible.

7. Adjust the speed control knob, adjust it to the first gear (low speed) operation, then speed to the second gear (high speed) operation, repeated experiments three times.

8. When the main motor power switch is turned on, the water pump starts at the same time, and the cooling system runs normally. Debug the valve and check whether the coolant is smooth.

9. After the above preparations are completed, the loading clamp is locked and the sawing is carried out.

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