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How to Set and Maintain the Saw Blade of Metal Circular Sawing Machine?

The circular saw blade is an important part of the high-speed circular saw machine. As a cutting tool, setting its parameters can improve the quality of the workpiece and control the cost during cutting. There are many specifications of the metal circular saw blade, but The setting method is basically the same.

Metal Circular Sawing Machine Blade Settings

1. Circular saw blade settings

Do not install the circular saw in the reverse direction of the rotation of the blade, the side with the trademark is facing up;

Clean up the circular saw blade and surrounding parts, and fix the parts with screws to prevent loosening, especially the circular saw blade cover is fixed, keep the circular saw blade and guide rail clean, and turn it slightly by hand to ensure that the saw blade rotates smoothly. Can.

2. Confirm

When installing the wire brush, the circular saw blade must be aligned.

When adjusting the front end of the wire brush, cover the circular sawtooth bag.

During the rotation of the circular saw blade, it will be dangerous if you touch it directly with your hands. Please be sure to open the saw blade cover after the equipment has completely stopped. When replacing the saw blade, you must cut off the power supply.

Metal circular saw blade forward stroke setting

The forward end of the saw blade of the circular saw machine, the proximity switch on the lateral clamping seat and the saw blade cover have any unchecked parts. It is necessary to confirm that they have been set to correspond to all circular materials. There is no need to adjust the position of the backward end. Then adjust the position of the last end is also fixed, can not be adjusted.

3. Tuning mode

When the metal circular saw machine cuts square or irregular materials, move to the switch position of the horizontal clamping, loosen the screw, and adjust the fixing frame according to the actual situation. For example, the square material 15mm-60mm can be cut off. Do not adjust the LS induction block, you must wait for the equipment to be completely stationary before debugging, otherwise it is easy to find dangerous accidents!

Care and Maintenance of High-speed Circular Sawing Machines

The daily maintenance of circular saw equipment is very important, and it is inseparably related to its service life. The better the equipment, the longer the service life, and operating, maintaining and maintaining it in strict accordance with the instructions for use can save a lot of money for the enterprise.

1. Does not pay attention to details and accelerates the aging of equipment

Many companies do not pay much attention to maintenance and maintenance when using circular saw equipment. They operate 24 hours a day and do not clean up after get off work. The equipment always has a thin layer of dust, and even inside Leftover iron filings! It is never checked before starting up at work, let alone idling after starting up, which is no objection to the rapid aging of the equipment!

Aging equipment will face continuous maintenance. Not only does the cost increase, but the most important thing is the consumption of time. It also has an important impact on the quality of the cut and processed parts. This is also the reason why some companies use the same manufacturer and the same equipment. situation, there is one of the factors of large quality difference.

2. No routine maintenance, increase enterprise cost

Equipment needs to be maintained, and high-speed circular saws should be the same. It is not necessary to carry out daily necessary maintenance due to busy production or other reasons. This behavior will bring infinite cost burdens to enterprises.

The circular saw blade is used as the cutting tool of the equipment, or the cost of consumables. The saw blade is directly related to the production and processing cost of the enterprise. It can be said that the longer the saw blade is used, the lower the cost! The performance of the equipment also affects the service life of the saw blade!

If a high-speed circular saw is not maintained and maintained for a long time, problems are inevitable. After all, no matter how good the quality is, it can’t stand continuous work, and there will be big problems over time. I believe this is true. know. The price of high-speed circular saw machines is not cheap. If the service life is not long enough, it will inevitably be a loss for the enterprise.

If you want to use the circular saw equipment for a long time and stably, you should operate it in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, and carry out regular maintenance and maintenance. The cleaning and maintenance of the equipment does not take much time. Only by accumulating bit by bit and protecting the circular saw machine can the cost of the enterprise be reduced to the greatest extent.

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