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What are the precautions when sawing with CNC sawing machine

As we all know, CNC sawing machine is a sawing machine for cutting metal. It is a machine tool for sawing metal round materials, square materials, pipe materials and profiles with circular saw blade, saw band or saw blade as cutting tools. Compared with ordinary sawing machine, it is more intelligent and convenient, but at the same time, there are many safe operations to pay attention to. Next, Zhengchuan sawing machine, a manufacturer of Wuxi sawing machine, came to introduce to you what precautions should be taken when sawing materials with CNC sawing machine?

Before operation, you should wear tight protective clothing with cuffs fastened. The hem of your coat can not be opened. It is strictly prohibited to wear gloves. You can’t wear, take off and change clothes next to the starting machine tool or wrap it around your body to prevent the machine from being twisted. Braids must be put into the hat. Skirts and slippers are not allowed. Pay attention to the following precautions. All preparations shall be made before the machine starts, and the hydraulic tong shall be installed so that the sawing center is in the middle of the sawing stroke. Place the raw materials horizontally on the hydraulic tong and at right angles to the saw blade; If you want to saw the oblique angle material, first adjust the hydraulic tong to the required angle, and the sawing size cannot be greater than the maximum sawing size of the machine tool.

Before work, be sure to comprehensively check whether all parts of the vertical band sawing machine and the oil pump are normal and whether the oil circuit is unblocked. Test run shall be carried out after sufficient lubricating oil is injected into each oil hole. Be sure to maintain the oil volume of the oil tank regularly, maintain good filtration and keep the sawing machine clean. The saw blade must be tightened. Before sawing, test run and idle for minutes to blow out the air in the hydraulic cylinder and each oil groove on the hydraulic transmission device, and check whether there is any problem with the sawing machine. Be sure to use special hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. In the hydraulic transmission and lubrication device, the coolant must be clean and replaced or filtered periodically.

What are the precautions when sawing with CNC sawing machine

When lifting steel materials, ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting appliance to prevent the steel materials from sliding, bumping or hitting the arm. Check whether the material rack is firm and stable to ensure the safety of feeding. The clamping of vertical band sawing machine shall be firm and reliable to prevent the steel from sliding or breaking the saw blade, smashing the machine tool or wounding people when falling. The protective cover of vertical band sawing machine shall be firmly installed to ensure safe production.

When sawing pipes or sheet profiles, the tooth pitch should not be less than the thickness of the material. When sawing, the handle needs to be retracted to the slow position and the feed amount should be reduced. During the sawing process, do not put your fingers close to the saw blade and saw blade teeth, and do not touch the moving mechanism. When sawing, open the coolant first. In case of abnormal sound, stop the machine on time, inspect and find professional personnel to eliminate the fault. When the steel material with large diameter is close to sawing off, the feed shall be slowed down to avoid hurting people when rolling off.

During the operation of the sawing machine, it is not allowed to change speed halfway. The sawing material shall be placed correctly, clamped tightly and clamped firmly. The feed amount shall be determined according to the material hardness and the quality of the saw blade. When the material is about to be sawed off, it is necessary to strengthen observation and pay attention to safe operation.

After the vertical band sawing machine is used, the ram shall be raised to the specified position, power off and stop, clean the iron filings and wipe the sawing machine. When the work is completed, cut off the power supply, put all operating handles back to the empty position, and do a good job in cleaning. In case of any fault during the operation of the vertical band sawing machine, stop the machine immediately and report to the mechanic for repair.

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