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Common fault solutions of bullhead planer

The ram carries a planer knife and is a planer that performs linear reciprocating motion. It is named because the tool holder at the front of the ram looks like a bull’s head. Bullhead planer is mainly used for single-piece and small batch production of planes, forming surfaces and grooves on small and medium-sized workpieces.

The bullhead planer is composed of bed, ram, worktable, rocker mechanism and electrical devices, and is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor. Some failures will be encountered during use, the analysis is as follows:

1. The surface of the workpiece has an obvious slope or the surface roughness does not meet the requirements
1. The insert of the knife holder is loose.
2. The screw and nut clearance on the beam of the workbench is large.
3. The moving direction of the ram is not parallel to the swinging direction of the rocker.
4. The gap between the ram and the pressure plate is too large.

elimination method:
1. Adjust the gap between the insert and the navigation of the movable tool post.
2. Replace the nut or repair the lead screw, and refit the nut.
3. Repair the movement accuracy of the rocker and ram.
4. Repair the ram guide rail and pressure plate to adjust the gap.

2. There is crawling when the ram of the bullhead planer moves
1. The three supporting points of the screw are not in a straight line.
2. Poor lubrication.
3. Poor contact of the moving surface of the ram.
4. The pressure plate gap is small.

elimination method:
1. Check the straightness of the three pivot points of the screw
2. Check the lubricating oil circuit
3. Scratch navigation
4. Repair the guide rail or adjust the gap of the pressure plate

3. the feed rate of the horizontal movement of the worktable is uneven
1. The ratchet wheel or pawl is worn out
2. The gap between the connecting rod shaft and the hole is large

elimination method:
1. Replace the ratchet and pawl
2. Trimming with shaft

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