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Hydraulic metal semi-automatic bow sawing machine

1. The maximum processing capability of BAND SAW BS-912 series is 9″ (229 mm)
2. The quick clamps can be swiveled from 0° to 45°
3. Vertical force controlled through hydraulic cylinder.
4. Belt driven, with four cutting speed
5. Strong structure for big capacity cutting
6. Electric coolant system for extending the life of blade and improve the precision of work piece
7. High-capacity due to controlled by motor
8. Has the advantage of quickly clamping
9. The falling speed of saw bow is controlled by hydraulic cylinder
10. With a sizing device, machine will stop automatically after sawing materials
11. With power break protection device, machine will power off automatically when the rear protective cover is opened

Product main technical parameters:



Circular @90°
229 mm 9”
Rectangular @90°
178×305 mm 7”x12”
Circular @60°
Rectangular @60°
Circular @45°
150 mm 6”
Rectangular @45°
127×150 mm 5”x6”
Blade speed @ 50Hz
26, 50, 73, 95 MPM
Blade speed @ 60Hz
32, 60, 88, 115 MPM
Blade size
27×0.9×2655 mm
1.1kW 1.5HP
Packing size (body)
154x59x115 cm
Packing size (stand)
Together with in body
230/260 kg

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