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The importance of the lubrication system when the metal band saw is working

With the development of science and technology, metal band sawing machines have been widely used in the production and processing industry. Generally speaking, the operation of metal band sawing machines is inseparable from the lubrication system. The specific reasons are as follows:

The lubrication system uses scientific management methods and in accordance with the requirements of technical specifications to achieve timely, correct and reasonable lubrication of equipment and save oil, so as to achieve safe and normal operation of equipment. It can effectively reduce friction, save power consumption, reduce wear and prolong the service life of machinery. Therefore, the lubrication system is very important for the operation of the band saw.

During the long-term operation of mechanical equipment, metal particles, paint-like impurities (anti-rust paint on the inner surface of the lubricating oil tank of mechanical equipment) sludge, carbonaceous and smoke deposits will be generated in the lubricant.

If the deposits and impurities in the lubricant cannot be effectively controlled, it will cause fatal damage to the equipment.
Therefore, when working with a band saw:

1. Check the container, pipeline and water pump regularly or according to the usage, and use metal cleaning agent to clean it thoroughly, then rinse it with tap water, and then wipe it with clean cotton yarn. It is strictly forbidden to use washing powder and soapy water to clean it;

2. The cutting fluid is blended with emulsified oil and water at a ratio of 1:20 to form an oil film, which plays the role of lubrication, rust prevention and better cooling;

3. Regularly check whether the cutting fluid is moldy and smelly, remove sundries and iron filings in time, and replace the cutting fluid of metal band sawing machines in time;

4. Replace the lubricating oil after 600 hours of use, and every six months thereafter.

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