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Several Elements and Methods of Precision Grinder Accuracy

First, Adjust the distance between the blade and the grinding wheel, then adjust the regulating wheel to about the diameter of the workpiece, place the workpiece between the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel, then slowly put the regulating wheel to make the regulating wheel slightly clamp the workpiece, and then push back and forth to find the contact point. Contact point in the middle of the position, feel the workpiece push to the front and back loose, a little tight in the middle is ok.

The following is the need to adjust the guide plate. Put the workpiece in first. Generally, it is better to adjust the workpiece with a length slightly longer than the guide plate. 1/3 of the workpiece is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel. At this time, the workpiece cannot be squeezed, and the workpiece must advance and retreat smoothly. Wafangdian The machine tool presses the workpiece on the grinding wheel face with a wooden rod or other object so that the workpiece and the surface of the guide wheel are parallel.

In addition, adjust the guide plate, make the adjustment of the guide plate as flat as the workpiece surface, pay attention to observe the contact between the guide plate and the workpiece before and after, there should be no gap. Especially at the back, if there is a gap, it will cause wobble.

Note: Generally, the position close to the grinding wheel should be slightly lower than the outside, generally about 0.03.–0.05mm, so that it will not be worn by the grinding wheel or hit the guide wheel.

A type of grinding machine for grinding the flat or forming surface of a workpiece. The main types are horizontal axis rectangular table, horizontal axis round table, vertical axis rectangular table, vertical axis round table and various special surface grinders.

①Horizontal axis and rectangular table surface grinder: The workpiece is sucked by the rectangular electromagnetic table or clamped on the table, and it performs longitudinal reciprocating motion. The grinding wheel frame can perform horizontal intermittent feed motion (see machine tool) along the dovetail guide rail of the slide seat (see the machine tool guide rail), and the slide seat can perform vertical intermittent feed motion along the guide rail of the column, and the workpiece can be ground with the periphery of the grinding wheel. high.

②Vertical axis circular table surface grinder: The vertically arranged grinding wheel spindle grinds the workpiece with the end face of the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel frame can perform intermittent vertical feeding motion along the guide rail of the column. The workpiece is mounted on the rotating circular table for continuous grinding, and the production efficiency is high. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of workpieces, the circular table can also move longitudinally along the bed rails.

③Horizontal axis round table surface grinder: It is suitable for grinding round thin workpieces, and can use the tilting table to grind ring workpieces with different thicknesses.

④Vertical axis and moment table surface grinder: Since the diameter of the grinding wheel is larger than the width of the table, the grinding area is large, which is suitable for high-efficiency grinding.

Main structural features

(1) High rigidity and high stability bed

The machine bed adopts the overall granite structure. Because granite has the characteristics of high damping, small vibration and good thermal stability, it can ensure the high rigidity and high stability of the grinding machine.

(2) Workbench

The worktable adopts the overall granite structure, and on the basis of the traditional closed hydrostatic guideway, a high-rigidity and high-precision large-plane closed hydrostatic guideway is developed to realize the large stroke, smooth and reliable reciprocating motion of the worktable. The worktable is driven by a SIEMENS linear motor. At the same time, in order to prevent the movement of the linear motor from affecting the table, an independent static pressure guide rail is specially designed for the linear motor. The motion state of the table is closed-loop controlled by the HEIDENHAIN grating system, which ensures that the table has high-precision and fast-response motion characteristics.

(3) Column, sliding seat and beam

The deformation of the machine tool due to heat can be controlled, and the columns and beams are made of granite. The lateral displacement sliding seat of the grinding wheel is placed on the fixed beam, and the vertical moving carriage for installing the grinding wheel frame is placed on the lateral displacement sliding seat. Both lateral displacement and vertical movement are completed by SIEMENS servo motor directly driving high-precision ball screw, HEIDENHAIN grating position feedback. The guide rails of the lateral displacement carriage and the vertical movement carriage are also hydrostatic guide rails. In addition, the vertical motion carriage is equipped with a micro-feed mechanism, which can realize a micro-feed of 0.1 μm for the grinding wheel frame. In order to reduce the beam deformation caused by the dead weight of the grinding wheel carriage and its lateral displacement, an unloading device (unloading beam) is set directly above the beam. It is used to bear most of the dead weight of the grinding wheel carriage, and through the HEIDENHAIN grating position feedback, the unloading device is synchronized with the movement of the grinding wheel lateral displacement carriage, so as to minimize the influence of beam deformation on the grinding process.

(4) Grinding wheel stand

Developed a wide range of rotational speed, high rigidity, high-precision grinding wheel hydrostatic spindle system to achieve high-rigidity, high-precision rotary motion of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel shaft is supported by liquid static bearing, SIEMENS built-in spindle motor, and the spindle motor is forcedly cooled by coolant. The grinding wheel spindle is equipped with a grinding wheel balancing device. to compensate for the unbalance.

(5) Measuring system

The machine tool is equipped with a laser interferometer as an in-situ measurement system for processing accuracy. Through the machine tool table movement and the lateral movement of the measuring carriage, the lens of the laser interferometer can scan all processing areas. When the machine tool is grinding, the measuring beam can be moved out of the machining range.

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