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Precautions in the operation of ordinary lathe

1. It is strictly prohibited for non staff to operate the machine tool.

2. it is strictly prohibited to touch the cutting tool, the rotating part of the machine tool or the rotating workpiece during operation.

3. Emergency stop is not allowed. In case of emergency, after stopping with this button, recheck it according to the regulations before starting the machine tool.

4. it is not allowed to step on the guide rail surface, screw rod, polished rod, etc. of the lathe. Unless otherwise specified, it is not allowed to use feet to replace hands to operate the handle.

5. for parts with sand holes, shrinkage holes or keyways on the inner wall, it is not allowed to cut the inner hole with a triangular scraper.

6. the compressed air or liquid pressure of the pneumatic rear hydraulic chuck must reach the specified value before it can be used.

7. for turning slender workpieces, when the protruding length of both sides in front of the bed head exceeds more than 4 times the diameter, the center shall be used according to the process regulations. Center frame or heel rest support. When protruding behind the head of the bed, protective devices and warning signs shall be added.

8. when cutting brittle metal or cutting Easy Splash (including grinding), protective baffle shall be added, and the operator shall wear protective glasses

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