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Analysis on Vibration of Roll Grinder

Vibration generated in the grinding process is generally a harmful phenomenon that disrupts normal grinding. When the grinding speed is high and the amount of metal grinding is large, strong vibrations often occur. Due to the unreasonable structure of the equipment, the grinding wheel drive motor is installed on a small carriage, and the vibration generated by the motor transmits the vibration source to the grinding wheel through the small carriage. During the grinding process, the transverse feed movement of the small carriage transmits the vibration to the milled roll through the grinding wheel, and the roll feeds back the vibration to the small carriage system, which further intensifies the vibration of the entire system. The vibration generated by the process system in the grinding process directly affects the quality and productivity of the roll surface. If the vibration is not eliminated and suppressed in time during the semi-finishing and fine grinding processes, the straight wave vibration pattern must be mapped on the roll surface.

The vibration source of roll grinder mainly comes from the following aspects:

(1) The grinding wheel drive motor is unbalanced and generates vibration, which is the main factor.

(2) The grinding wheel is not in dynamic and static balance, and vibrates when rotating.

(3) The length or tightness of the driving V-belt is inconsistent to cause vibration.

(4) Unbalanced grinding force and vibration caused by uneven metal grinding layer thickness.

(5) The lubrication effect of the support neck support shoe is not good, or it will vibrate when it is in a dot or line shape.

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