Micro Bench Drill & Mill

Light type drill press

Warranty : 1 Year for machinery warranty

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Product Description:
Light and flexible, it can be used not only on machine processing,repairing but also DIY repairing and daily use

►Standard accesories
Drill chuck
Arbor(only taper hole spindle)
Drift(only taper hole spindle)

►Special accesories
Safety guard
Machine vice

Technical Parameter :

Model ZQD4125/ZQD4132 ZQ4125/ZQ4132 ZQ4116/ZQ4119 ZQ4113 Z4116T ST-16A EDP20013B ZHX-13
Max.Tapping capacity 25/31.5mm 25/31.5mm 16/19mm 13mm 16mm 16mm 13mm 13mm
Diameter of column 85mm 85mm 70mm 70mm 80mm 71mm 46mm 46mm
Spindle travel 110mm 110mm 85mm 85mm 85mm 80mm 50mm 50mm
Distance from spindle to column 200mm 200mm 180mm 180mm 165mm 182mm 103mm 103mm
Max.distance spindle nose to table 390mm 480mm 410mm 390mm 480mm 375mm 220mm 220mm
Max.distance spindle nose to base 1140mm 670mm 590mm 570mm 630mm 565mm 300mm 300mm
Spindler taper MT3 MT3 MT2 B16 MT2 MT2 B16 B16
Spindle speeds range 220~2280r/min 150~2270r/min 220~2280r/min 150~2270r/min 270~2880r/min 495~2565r/min 455~2500r/min 250~3200r/min 515~2580r/min 515~2580r/min
Spindle speeds series 9/12speeds 9/12speeds 12speeds 4speeds 4speeds 12speeds 5speeds 5speeds
Dimension of table surface 280mm x 280mm 280mm x 280mm 240mm x 240mm 240mm x 240mm 240mm x 240mm Φ284 160mmx160mm 160mmx160mm
Dimension of base 566mmx356mm 566mmx356mm 445mmx270mm 445mmx270mm 450mmx275mm 440mmx255mm 280mmx180mm 280mmx180mm
Overall height 1680mm 1110mm 960mm 960mm 1110mm 985mm 580mm 580mm
Power of motor 750W 750W 370W/550W 370W 370W 250/370W 125 w 125 or 180w
G.W/N.W 115kg/108kg 108kg/98kg 68kg/65kg 68kg/65kg 67kg/62kg 60kg/57kg 19kg/17kg 21kg/19kg
Packing dimension 108cmx77cmx34cm 108cmx77cmx34cm 91cmx51.5cmx27cm 91cmx51.5cmx27cm 91cmx55cmx30cm 78cmx46cmx29cm 46cmx33cmx23cm 46cmx33cmx23cm

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