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Metal Band Sawing Machine New Product 430A

1.430A Hydraulic Double Column Band Saw Main Components Structure

430A is a new double-column automatic band sawing machine produced by ANTISHI company.The main components of the 430A double-column metal band sawing machine are: grain, base, column, saw beam and guiding device, transmission mechanism, workpiece clamping, feeding frame, tensioning device, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication and cooling system. The inner cavity of the base has a relatively large space, the front middle side is the hydraulic station, the front left side is the power control box, and the right side is the coolant tank. The bed is made of cast iron and fixed on the bottom seat. The column consists of a large and small column. The large column is used as a guide for the movement of the saw frame. It is used to support the up and down movement of the saw beam and ensure accurate guidance. function, so as to ensure the normal cutting of the saw blade. The middle is the manual feeding mechanism clamp and the material vise. The front of the vise is connected to the workpiece table that accepts the finished parts. The clamping device on the left is the clamping screw passing through the inner hole of the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod. Press the button or turn the Turn the hand wheel to make the left jaw move left and right.

2.430A Hydraulic Double Column Band Saw Main Features

(1) The machining accuracy is further improved. It adopts advanced variable frequency motor drive, precise ball screw drive and laser positioning method, and is equipped with a servo-controlled hydraulic system. The computer automatically monitors the entire sawing process online. The speed of the saw blade, feed speed, and clamping force can be achieved. Arbitrarily set and optimize the combination, thereby improving the machining accuracy of the sawing machine. In addition, high-precision cutting force control, the key technical point of metal sawing, has always been the focus of sawing machine technology research. The sawing machine can realize constant sawing force control and ensure the cutting rate (cutting area/minute) of sawing irregular section profiles. constant. The machining accuracy of the sawing machine is also high. For example, when cutting thick materials, the error of the cutting height per 100mm is only 0.1mm.

(2) The processing efficiency of sawing machine is increased and the scope is enlarged. Improving sawing efficiency, especially for thick materials and hard metals, and avoiding sawing becoming the bottleneck of the entire production line, has been the focus of sawing and sawing machine technology for many years. It is a trend to expand the sawing range, 430A max.cutting capacity 430mm round, 430×430mm quadrate.Speed ​​8~80 m/min inverter control.

(3) The sawing machine is fully numerically controlled and networked. The cutting process of large workpieces often lasts for several hours. In order to ensure the production conditions of one person and multiple machines, and to improve the precision and efficiency of sawing processing, full numerical control of the sawing process is imperative. Networked production, remote diagnosis and maintenance are the development trends of today’s CNC machine tools, and CNC sawing machines are no exception. Networked production can link the sawing process with other links, improve productivity, and facilitate the efficient and unified management of all links.

ANTISHI mainly produces all kinds of metal processing equipment, mainly sawing machines. In the past 20 years, it has led the sawing machine industry to the peak of craftsmanship. The sawing machine models developed and produced by ANTISHI, the market layout is moving towards internationalization and has obtained ISO CE certification, serving customers in many countries and regions, welcome to come to consult.

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