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The difference between CNC milling machine and CNC boring and milling machine

The CNC milling machine is developed on the basis of the general milling machine. The processing technology of the two is basically the same, and the structure is also somewhat similar. However, CNC milling machines rely on program control to automatically process machine tools, so their structure is also very different from ordinary milling machines.

The CNC boring and milling machine is the same as the machining center. It is mainly used for boring large and deep holes.CNC milling machines are generally used to mill relatively simple surfaces, and can also mill relatively shallow holes。

The structure of the CNC boring and milling machine is horizontal, and the bed is relatively large. The structure of the CNC milling machine is vertical and generally small.

The CNC boring and milling machine has a tool magazine for automatic tool change, while the CNC milling machine does not have a tool magazine, and the tool change is performed manually during the processing.

The CNC boring and milling machines and machining centers currently produced are basically universal, but the boring machines for machining parts are less restricted. In programming, the boring machine generally uses the feed per revolution when drilling, while the machining center generally uses the feed per minute. Due to the better centripetal force of the boring and milling machine, the ram can be extended for a long time. It is generally used for machining box parts with high hole accuracy and relatively large volume.The ram of the boring and milling machine is relatively stable, the machining surface precision is relatively high, and a good machining center can also achieve.

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