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What are the milling methods of drilling and milling machines

Drilling and milling machine is a machine tool equipment integrating drilling, milling, boring and grinding. It is applied to the processing of small and medium-sized parts. It is suitable for processing all kinds of small and medium-sized parts, especially non-ferrous metal materials; Plastic; Nylon cutting has the advantages of simple structure and flexible operation. It is widely used in single piece or batch mechanical manufacturing; Instrument industry; Architectural decoration and repair department. Drilling and milling machine is a small and medium-sized general metal cutting machine tool, which can both horizontal milling and end milling. It is suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming, boring and hole processing; For example, disc milling machine, angle milling cutter, forming milling cutter and end milling cutter can mill plane, inclined plane, vertical plane and groove.

Drilling and milling machine is a combination of drilling and milling, with comprehensive functions.

There are two main milling methods of drilling and milling machine:

1、 Peripheral Milling
Milling with the cutting edge on the circumference of the milling cutter is called peripheral milling, also known as peripheral milling. Because the cylindrical milling cutter is composed of multiple cutter teeth, the milled plane will have small ripples. At the same time, its cylindricity directly affects the flatness of the milling plane.

2、 End Milling
Milling using the end teeth of the end milling cutter is called end milling, also known as end edge milling. He uses the tip on the end face of the milling cutter to form a plane, so the machined plane also has a knife pattern. The roughness of this knife pattern is related to factors such as rotating speed and feed speed. In addition, the perpendicularity between the spindle axis of drilling and milling machine and the workpiece feed direction determines the quality of its milling plane.

Peripheral milling and end milling are separate when milling a single plane, but they often exist at the same time when milling steps and grooves. For example, face milling cutter is easy to insert cemented carbide blade for high-speed milling, with high production efficiency and good milling quality, while cylindrical milling cutter is difficult to insert cemented carbide blade. All these determine that the processing quality and production efficiency of end milling are higher than that of peripheral milling, so end milling is generally used in plane processing.

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