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Maintenance of milling machine

1. Cleaning: disassemble and clean the oil scraper of each part; Wipe each sliding surface and guide rail surface, wipe the workbench and transverse, lifting screw rod, wipe the tool feeder and tool holder.

2. Lubrication: keep all oil holes clean and unblocked and fill 32# lubricating oil; Fill lubricating oil at each guide rail surface, sliding surface and screw rod; Check the oil pot and oil level, and add oil to the elevation.

3. Tightening: check and tighten the pressing plate and strip screws; Check and tighten the limit screw of the worktable, the driving mechanism of the tool walker, the three ball handle and the screw of the worktable support.

4. Adjustment: check and adjust the tightness of milling head belt, pressing plate and insert strip; Check and adjust the clearance of limit stop and screw rod.

5. Anti corrosion: remove the rust of each part, protect the painted surface from collision; The guide rail surface of inactive and standby equipment, sliding screw rod, hand wheel and other exposed parts prone to rust shall be coated with oil for anti-corrosion.

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