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Maintenance of radial drilling machine

How to improve the quality of radial drilling machines and extend the service life of radial drilling machines?

Radial drilling machines are mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. It is mainly used in industries such as automobiles, locomotives, shipbuilding, aerospace, engineering machinery, etc.; especially for the drilling of various large-scale parts such as super-long laminated plates, longitudinal beams, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous systems. Therefore, how to better use radial drilling machines is a very important issue. To ensure processing efficiency and quality, the following points need to be done:

1. Any mechanical equipment has its endurance limit. The use of the drilling machine should be carried out under its permission and the load cannot be exceeded. Otherwise, the parts of the drilling machine will be damaged greatly, even to the extent that it is difficult to repair.

2. Before using the radial drilling machine, you must check the equipment in accordance with the prescribed procedures to ensure that the various functions of the equipment meet the normal requirements, especially the lubrication system.

3. Before starting the equipment, the equipment must be preheated. The so-called preheating equipment is to run the equipment at a low speed, confirm that the equipment is running normally, and then work normally, to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning and harming the operator without knowing it.

4. The installation of the cutters of the radial drilling machine must be correct, and the standard cutters must be selected.

5. The workpiece must be fixed firmly on the workbench to avoid slipping and hurting the operator during processing, or damaging the equipment.

6. Operators should not wear gloves during processing to prevent entanglement of gloves and injury to the operator.

7. The equipment must be cleaned up in time after use, the workbench, track and other parts, to prevent iron filings from adhering to damage the equipment.

Even the most precise radial drilling machine requires your careful maintenance. The operator of the radial drilling machine must regularly inspect and maintain the radial drilling machine to maintain its due accuracy. In order to improve the quality and service life of the radial drilling machine.

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