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Milling machine range application

The milling machine completes the metal forming by rotating the tool and moving along the axis on the workpiece. Obviously, the position of milling machine in machining is very important. Although the milling machine is primarily used to machine flat and square surfaces, it also has many other uses. Skilled technicians can use milling machines to cut planes, fillets, and boring holes, and can use some of the milling machine’s subordinate equipment to process arcs, semi-circular arcs and helicoids (using spiral tools-double helix or multiple helix tools). The use of some special tools on the milling machine can also process gear teeth, dovetail grooves and T-slots. More importantly, it can be completely manually operated when machining the above-mentioned workpiece shapes on the slab machine, without the need to use computer numerical control processing!

Now, if we use computer control to drive the spindle of the milling machine, the scale of the workpiece that can be processed will be larger. Using computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing generating programs to control the milling machine, almost any shape of workpiece can be processed. As long as the shape of the workpiece can be displayed on the computer screen, it can basically be processed by milling.

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