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Maintenance of the hydraulic system of the band saw

The horizontal band sawing machine, adjustable angle sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, CNC band sawing machine, gantry band sawing machine, shearing band sawing machine, small band sawing machine and other series sawing machines produced by Shanghai ANTS mostly use closed fuel tanks. filter at the inlet. During the use process, moisture, emulsion, dust, fibrous debris and other machinery should be avoided Intrusion of mechanical debris. The oil volume of the hydraulic oil tank should be kept within the specified oil level after the sawing machine system pipelines and components are filled with oil. Before the hydraulic system of the band saw blade is put into use, it must be strictly cleaned. Strict filtration is required when refueling. CNC band sawing machines must always check the oil filter, replace it immediately once it is contaminated, and regularly check the quality of the hydraulic oil.

Shanghai ANTS Technical Department reminds customers that in order to maintain the normal operation of the band sawing machine, they must pay attention to three aspects of the hydraulic system:

1.The degree of oxidation of the hydraulic oil of the band sawing machine
If the hydraulic oil of the band sawing machine is dark brown in color and has a foul smell, it means that it has been oxidized. The darker the brown, the stronger the foul smell, and the more serious the degree of oxidation. In this case, new oil should be replaced.

2.Moisture content of hydraulic oil for band sawing machine
If the hydraulic oil of the sawing machine is milky white and the smell has not changed, it means that there is too much water mixed in. At this time, take a small amount of hydraulic oil and drop it on the hot iron plate. If there is a “beep” sound, it means that it is rich in water, and the new oil should be replaced immediately.

3.Impurity content in hydraulic oil of band sawing machine
Take a few drops of sawing machine mailbox hydraulic oil on your hand and twist it with your fingers. If there are many metal particles or flash points, it proves that the hydraulic oil is rich in mechanical impurities. It must be deposited on 42# hydraulic oil, and then filtered and used.

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