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Metal Band Sawing Machine Selection

At present, the most advanced band sawing machine in China is the ANTISHI hydraulic double-column band sawing machine. It is welcomed by domestic and foreign processing plants with its high speed and high efficiency.

According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal metal band sawing machine, vertical metal band sawing machine, horizontal type is divided into scissors type, double column and single column type band sawing machine; Automatic type; can be divided into manual according to the automation program using the controller.Dynamic type (semi-automatic manual feeding) fully automatic type (automatic feeding and automatic cutting); according to the cutting angle requirements, it is divided into angle sawing machine (can sawing angle of 90 degrees and 45 degrees), no angle or 90 degrees vertical cutting.

Its Main Functional Features Are:

1. Hydraulic control of cutting speed, stepless speed regulation.

2. The structure of the guide block is scientific and reasonable, which prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

3. Double column structure, stable operation.

4. Stable sawing and high precision.

5. The work clamping adopts hydraulic clamping, which is easy to operate.

6. Three-way hydraulic clamping device can be customized.

Suggested reference table for sawing speed and sawing efficiency

Cut Material Saw blade travel speed (m/min) Sawing efficiency (cm/min)
low carbon steel, bottom carbon alloy steel 90-45 80-50
Medium carbon steel, medium carbon alloy steel 75-35 70-40
High carbon steel, nickel molybdenum steel, silicon manganese steel 55-35 50-30
Stainless steel, alloy tool steel 50-20 40-20
hardened stainless steel 48-18 25-10
Nickel alloy 33-11 20-10
Titanium alloy 18-15 20-10
cast iron 90-45 80-50
non-ferrous metals 90-45 80-50

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