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metal band sawing machine maintenance

Maintenance of metal band sawing machine when not in use

1. Check the position of the chip cleaning brush on the band sawing machine, keep the tooth groove and iron filings removed, adjust or replace the chip cleaning brush if necessary, and check the excessive wear of the chip cleaning steel brush.
2. Check the position of the oil gauge of the gearbox and hydraulic box on the sawing machine and whether it is necessary to add gear oil and hydraulic oil;
3. Check whether the cooling water altimeter on the sawing machine needs to be added;
4. Check and confirm whether the position of the saw belt on the sawing machine on the driving and driven wheels and tungsten steel guide blade is correct;
5. Check the saw band tension adjustment valve on the sawing machine and select the appropriate sawing pressure;
6. Check whether the pressure of tungsten steel oil pressure gauge on the sawing machine is appropriate
7. Check the gear box tension belt on the sawing machine;
8. Before installing a new saw belt, remove the iron filings from the flanges of the driving and driven wheels (iron filings may accumulate).

Component replacement

1. Replace the steel brush on the sawing machine. The steel brush on the sawing machine can remove the iron filings on the sawing belt and prevent the iron filings from being brought into the saw wheel or even the saw belt guide rail. If this will cause considerable wear, it is very important for the saw belt. Incorrect installation of the steel brush will cause excessive wear of the saw band or steel brush, and will also cause instability during sawing.
2. For the replacement of cooling water on the sawing machine, when the coolant needs to be replaced under normal use, the iron filings in the cooling water storage tank must be cleaned every three months.
3. The hydraulic oil on the sawing machine shall be replaced every six months.
4. The gear oil on the sawing machine must be replaced after six months or 1200 hours of use

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