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Preparation before machining of vertical milling machine

Before using the vertical milling machine, make preparations before processing, including checking the milling machine, checking and sorting out the work site, getting familiar with the drawings and process procedures, checking the workpiece blank, determining the workpiece clamping method, and preparing milling cutters, tools and measuring tools.

1. Check the milling machine: check the handle position of each part of the milling machine before working (each feed handle shall be in “neutral” position), and fill each part with lubricating oil according to the regulations. Then idling at low speed for about three minutes to check the operation of the mechanical transmission part, abnormal noise in the spindle gearbox and feed gearbox, whether the feed movement in all directions of the workbench is flexible and reliable, and whether the operation of the lubricating oil pump is normal.

2. Tidy up the work site: the orderliness of the work site is directly related to the length of auxiliary time and the smooth progress of milling processing. Therefore, after going to work every day, carefully check and tidy up the work site and environment, and clearly divide the storage areas of blanks, semi-finished products and finished products, so as to shorten the transportation route as far as possible. The working site shall be kept clean and tidy, and sundries shall not be piled up and placed disorderly to prevent tripping.

3. Familiar with drawings and process procedures: after receiving the processing task, the operator must first be familiar with the drawings of the processed workpiece, clarify the relationship between each projection surface and line segment in the drawings, see the technical requirements of each part size and tolerance, geometric tolerance, surface roughness and other aspects, and understand the process procedures of the processed workpiece. If there is any doubt, ask the technician in time before processing.

4. Check the blank of the workpiece to be processed: check the size of the blank according to the drawing requirements, and then simply classify the blank according to the size of the machining allowance, so as to know the blank well, and then process it according to the classification order. The blank with residual casting sand, welding slag or burr shall be cleaned first to prevent scrap due to rough inspection or cleaning of the blank.

The workpiece blanks or semi-finished products transferred from the previous process shall be checked according to the drawings and process cards to see if there are any leftover processing and errors, and any problems found shall be reported to relevant personnel in time.

5. Determine the workpiece clamping method: select and determine the workpiece clamping method according to the shape, processing requirements and other aspects of the workpiece. For slender and curved raw materials, they shall be straightened before clamping. For larger workpieces, the installation position shall be measured and determined in advance, and attention shall be paid to prevent waste products caused by workpiece deformation or improper clamping.

6. Preparation of milling cutters, tools and measuring tools: before processing, the milling cutters, tools and measuring tools shall be fully prepared and placed in the most convenient position according to the operation sequence (but not on the guide rail surface of the milling machine), so that there is no need to look around during use, which can reduce the auxiliary time.

In order to ensure the accuracy of processing dimensions, the measuring tools used shall be checked with the measuring tools of the inspector according to the dimensional requirements of the processed workpiece before formal processing.

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