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XS5025C X5025C XS5030C X5030C XS5036C XQ5036C vertical lifting table milling machine


Vertical lifting table milling machines with working table widths of 250, 300, 360mm are suitable for milling of various metals. They can mill planes, bevels, formed surfaces, grooves, keyways, install special tool holders and accessories, and can also drill, Boring, etc. The machine tool has stable precision and flexible operation. The worktable has motorized feed and rapid adjustment movement in the longitudinal, horizontal and vertical directions. Equipped with a variety of accessories, easy to replace, a machine with multiple functions and a wide range of uses. It is suitable for milling in machinery, light industry, instrumentation, motor, electrical appliances, molds and other industries. On this basis, digital display vertical lifting table milling machines such as XS5025C and XS5030C have been developed. According to user requirements, digital display devices can be installed on various vertical lifting table milling machines of our company.


Descprition Unit XS5025C X5025C XS5030C X5030C XS5036C XQ5036C
Workbench area (width×length) mm 200×900 250×900 200×900
Workbench T-slot Number of slots   3
Slot width mm 14 18
Slot pitch mm 63 80
Workbench stroke Vertical mm 700 800
Horizontal mm 280 300
Vertical mm 400 400
The minimum distance from the spindle end to the worktable mm 40
Maximum rotation angle of end milling head   ±45°
Spindle taper   ISO40
Spindle speed range rpm 40~1650
series   18
Worktable feed range Vertical mm/min 22~1000
Horizontal mm/min 15~790
Vertical mm/min 8~360
Worktable fast feed Vertical mm/min 2200
Horizontal mm/min 1540
Vertical mm/min 790
Main Motor Power kw 5.5
Rotary speed rpm 1440
Digital display resolution mm 0.01
Table feed level mm Stepless
positioning accuracy mm 0.03/300(When equipped with digital display)
Repeatability mm ±0.02(When equipped with digital display)
Maximum weight of worktable kg 250
Machine volume (length×width×height) mm 1910×1670×1800 1910×1920×1800
Net weight of machine tool kg 1800 1900 2500


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