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Small metal band sawing machine for steel bar cutting at construction site

BRAND ANTISHI Saw machine modle 4240
Material Cast iron Cutting material Rebar cutting
Working place Consturction site Customize Yes
Outfit 00mm Weight 1200kg

The sawing machine for sawing the whole bundle of steel bars adopts double columns, full hydraulic pressure, stepless speed regulation, simple structure and uncomplicated structure, and it is easy to be durable and solid. Widen the work surface, choose hydraulic pressure, double-column vertical lifting and saw blade batch cutting, cutting speed block cast iron tong body, tong body frequency quenching, wear resistance, no deformation, panel, with specific lines, effectively fixing the workpiece.

Automatic feeding type pipe cutting machine, pipe end single-head chamfering machine, pipe end double-head chamfering machine, pipe end forming machine, automatic hydraulic compression pipe machine, automatic hydraulic pipe expanding machine, automatic hydraulic bending machine, Automatic hydraulic press, saw blade grinding machine, aluminum profile cutting machine, automatic hydraulic arc punching machine. The following content specifies the geometric accuracy and working accuracy requirements and inspections of metal band sawing machines. This part is applicable to band sawing machines with a sawing diameter of 5mm~50mm (hereinafter referred to as machine tools)

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