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Benchtop Aluminum Sawing Machine Technical Encyclopedia

1: Which kind of cutting precision is higher for the automatic aluminum profile sawing machine?
Answer: Aluminum profile CNC cutting machine, servo feeding, stable cutting, accurate size. Touch screen control is convenient and efficient.

2: Can the aluminum profile sawing machine cut iron?
Answer: Fei aluminum profile sawing machine manufacturers suggest that it cannot be sawed.
1. The saw shafts used in the aluminum cutting saw machine and the iron cutting saw machine are different.
2. Their speed is also different (aluminum is not hard and requires high-speed cutting, iron is the opposite)
3. The material of the saw blades used is different (aluminum saw blades are cemented carbide saw blades and white steel saw blades, iron is mostly tungsten steel saw blades).

3: Does the aluminum profile sawing machine do better?
Answer: ANTS machine aluminum profile sawing machine is still very professional.

4: Which automatic aluminum profile sawing machine has higher cutting accuracy?
Answer: The spindle accuracy of ANTS aluminum cutting saw machine is ±1 wire, and the cutting accuracy is about ±10 wire. Can meet the needs of most users.

5: Is it better or slower to cut aluminum with a band saw?
Answer: If you cut aluminum materials normally, because aluminum materials are relatively viscous, chip removal is not easy to discharge, which is the easiest to cause tooth breakage or belt breakage. Therefore, it is better to cut aluminum with the fastest sawing line speed, but from the response of many customers, there are also special requirements. They need to be formed at one time and then processed directly, depending on the processing requirements.

6: Is the sawing machine for automatic cutting of aluminum profiles expensive?
Answer: What you are talking about is a fully automatic aluminum profile cutting machine, which is generally used for cutting within 150nm, but it also depends on the thickness of the aluminum profile and the cutting requirements. The price of finished saws is higher than that of manual saws. Don’t worry about price, it is more important to meet your cutting needs. Whether it is a semi-automatic and fully automatic ANTS aluminum cutting machine.

7: Which brand of hydraulic finished aluminum sawing machine is good?
Answer: Regarding finished saws, they are also called semi-automatic cutting saws or aluminum template fixed-length saws. ANTS aluminum cutting machine has a model of aluminum profile finished saws that sell well. They are generally used for cutting longer aluminum profiles and manual fixed-length saws. The price is not high. .

8: Are there any manufacturers that produce sawing machines for cutting aluminum profiles?
Answer: ANTS machine aluminum profile cutting machine, specially used for cutting aluminum material, is very popular, sales volume is relatively high, there are automatic and semi-automatic.

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